Erykah Badu Debuts Film on Streaming Service

Courtesy of Givenchy
Courtesy of Givenchy

Erykah Badu just released her short film, a Western entitled They Die By Dawn, on TIDAL. The 50-minute film is based on real accounts of African-American cowboys and cowgirls in 1890 in Langston (KY). “In a town with no rules, four outlaws play a deadly game. Murder and mayhem ensue, TheyDieByDawn,” Badu wrote on social media. They Die By Dawn stars Badu, Rosario Dawson, Isaiah Washington, Michael K. Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Jesse Williams, and more. The short film was directed by Jeymes Samuels. 

The TIDAL server has been rather busy in the last week. Beyoncé just dropped a new song on the service named “Die With You.” The pop-R&B superstar also released a music video to accompany the song, which is available for video streaming on TIDAL as well. Pop star Rihanna launched her single “American Oxygen” on the music streaming service, too. The single is the theme song for the NCAA college basketball tournament (also known as March Madness). Rihanna just performed “American Oxygen” over the weekend for the March Madness Music Fest. Yesterday, Madonna debuted a teaser of her music video for “Ghosttown” on the streaming service as well. 

Jay Z’s TIDAL company is aiming to ensure artists, producers, and songwriters are properly paid for their works. TIDAL charges its members a fee of $19.99 a month for highly-quality streaming, or the option to pay $9.99 a month for low-quality streaming. The rapper, and many people in the music industry, believe free streaming is destroying the music business and it is the main reason for the decline in music sales. Charging the listeners a higher fee, will enable TIDAL to pay their artists (producers and songwriters) a larger payout rate.

TIDAL has a library of more than 25 million songs and 70,000 music videos, and it is accessible through an app for tablets and other devices. Amongst those million songs is Taylor Swift’s songs. The singer is in full support of TIDAL, and her albums are available on the streaming service. TIDAL is a part of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom service, which allows listeners to stream music without being charged for data on their cell phone service. The Music Freedom is not available on some of the major music streaming such as Spotify, Beats Music, Google Play, iTunes, or Pandora.

FDRMX Eyes: From Brooklyn, New York comes an indie rock band called The New Tarot. The quintet has revealed their latest music video entitled “Makeup,” and it stars Julia Garner (The Perks of Being a Wallflower).

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