James Paterson – Read Between The Lines

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Singer-songwriter James Paterson presents us with a beautiful song and music video entitled “Read Between The Lines.” The music video begins in black and white, portraying a lady sipping an adult beverage while smoking a cigarette. The lyrics speak of the woman’s nightly escapades: “She’ll be hitting up the town and tearing it down / If your mother could hear the words that come out ‘cha mouth / What would daddy say if he could see you now?”; “And she’ll dance on the floor / drink, drink some more.” James Paterson sings with a conviction that if she keeps this up, her life will fall short. Sooner or later, the man she fell for will be long gone and the only one “hitting up the town and tearing it down.” “Read Between The Lines” is a catchy pop/folk track and Paterson’s debut single, which is now available on iTunes. Share this video with someone you care about; encourage them to go out and have fun, but remind them of the consequences of their actions. Watch out, Ed Sheeran, because James Paterson is coming for you.

Starring Amanda Hughson
Music by James Paterson
Produced by Will Paterson
Directed & Filmed by Jaidon Kent and James Paterson

Facebook: facebook.com/jamespatersong
Twitter: twitter.com/JamesPaterSong
Bandcamp: jamespaterson.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/jamespatersonsong
YouTube: youtube.com/user/jamespatersonsong

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