Alyson Stoner: ‘Pretty Girls’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Alyson Stoner via YouTube

Courtesy of Alyson Stoner via YouTube

Over the years, beautiful women have been known for the power they hold over men. Helen of Troy may be the original pretty girl, and a war was fought over the right to her hand in marriage.  She was already married at the time; that is how in demand she was. Over the years, these girls have only learned more about how to ensnare their target with a single look. Alyson Stoner asks an age-old question on her new single, “Pretty Girls.” Over a chilly electronic beat, she ponders how pretty girls learn to work their good looks to their advantage.

According to Stoner, the answer is that they learn the tricks of the trade early in their lives, making them all the more powerful and alluring for their years of practice. Most well known for her role as a dancer alongside Missy Elliott in her youth, Stoner is out to prove that she is capable of more than simply busting a move with the thought-provoking “Pretty Girls.” I may be biased (because I’m a fool for a hot dance track), but I’d call this a bit more than a success!

Not to be confused with Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s upcoming single of the same title, Alyson Stoner released her debut single “Pretty Girls” off an upcoming debut album, and it is proving to be a darkly pulsing dance track. The cut is a sexy dance number supported by sparse but frenzied production that falls away in a series of beat drops over the dramatic chorus, during which Stoner repeatedly declares “pretty girls learn to work it early.”

Stoner’s vocals are absolutely commanding and infinitely sexy, with the musician singing and even rapping during a spoken word bridge that is entirely encapsulating. Lyrically, Stoner comments on a pretty girl’s ability to effortlessly get what she desires with a simple bat of her eyes. Ironically enough, the song is just as spellbinding as the most beautiful of sirens. Armed with its racing electronic production and a sharply snapping drum line, the song is dangerously danceable, so much so, that I am unabashedly dancing in my chair as I write this review (judge me if you must).    

In the accompanying music video, Stoner plays the role of a pretty girl (because obviously, have you looked at her?) who finds herself a nice little Sugar Daddy to bankroll her projects. The video follows Stoner through a variety of scenes and costumes, as the pretty girl works her charms in a boardroom while pitching a major project (we all saw the way you twitched those hips, girl), seduces with a booty pop or two in the dance club (she is the dancing queen after all), and joyously reaps the benefits of her Sugar Daddy’s gifts (jewelry, checkmate). In other scenes, Stoner can be seen serving face and modeling a studded leotard while singing along to the track, presumably as a dancer in the club.

In off of the scenes Stoner exists as the starring character, donning wigs, batting her eyes, swiveling her hips, and entirely aware of the power that she commands; however, the star also appears as a knowing onlooker. While her character plays the men around her, the musician herself looks on with a smirk on her face implying that she is entirely aware of the power she wields.

Stoner has described the “Pretty Girls” visual as one that challenges her character to “navigate what it means to mix love and money, superficiality and authenticity.” Beyond delivering a message, the video is a glimpse into the life of a modern day pretty girl. There aren’t any Trojan horses making appearances, but there is more than a little bit of hot choreography and just as many stunning costumes.

Although my first thought about hearing that Stoner was releasing a single by the name of “Pretty Girls” was something along the lines of  “who dat, who dat? Not I.G.G.Y. and Britney Bitch,” Stoner’s fire hot effort won me over with just one listen. Stoner’s vocals are insistent and absolutely compelling, and the production is exceptional. Stoner has released individual singles in the past, but they feel amateur when compared to this steamy track. Armed with its glamorous music video and a deliciously dark concept, Alyson Stoner deserves a hit with this single. That’s what I’m saying at least. Check out Alyson Stoner’s “Pretty Girl” visual, and let us know what you think!

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