Ed Sheeran Surprises a Group of School Kids

Courtesy of edsheeran.com

Courtesy of edsheeran.com

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran surprised the students of Radcliffe School in New Zealand with a special performance while he was in the country on tour. The students won the performance after their entry was selected from a contest hosted by More FM radio station. The contest was titled the Ed Sheeran School Holiday Program.

Sheeran performed the set for 100 students who attend Radcliffe School, treating them to performances of “Thinking Out Loud” and “I See Fire” while encouraging the students to sing along. After his performance, the musician posed for pictures with each of the students in attendance and took to social media to share the news of his performance. He tweeted, “spent the afternoon singing with primary school kids. My face hurts from smiling, so much fun.” While at the event, Sheeran claimed to love spending time with kids. He also revealed that he associated with students who felt lonely, stating that he didn’t really have any friends until he was in high school.

In honor of the event, Radcliffe School celebrated by changing their name to Edcliffe School. They also hosted a series of events such as a Dress Up Ed day, during which students dressed as Ed Sheeran. Some students went as far as to dye their hair in Sheeran’s signature red, which they referred to as “red,” “orange,” and “ginger” when asked. They also set up a bulletin where they charted news about Ed Sheeran.

Radcliffe School’s deputy principal Rose McInerney claims that she organized the school’s contest entry to provide students a “positive distraction” from news that the school may be closing. In their entry to the contest, the students sang a revised version of Sheeran’s touching love song that featured lyrics such as “we can’t get to school on our feet / will you put our school back to where it should be / Radcliffe School, we’ll be needing you till we’re 70.” The lyrics referenced the fact that students are currently attending classes at another school.

After performing his set, Sheeran spent time interacting with the children and answering questions about his experiences. He provided uplifting anecdotes about his process developing as a writer and sharing encouraging words with students regarding the future of Radcliffe School.

Earlier this month, Sheeran surprised a lucky couple while on tour in Sydney, Australia. After finishing up at Radcliffe, Sheeran went on to perform a sold out show at Horncastle Arena. He has also recently announced that he will be co-hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.

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