T-Mobile and Zedd to Offer Free Music Downloads

T-Mobile and Zedd to Offer Free Music Downloads - FDRMX

Yesterday (April 7th), it was revealed that T-Mobile would be teaming up with the Grammy Award-winning musician, Zedd, in an effort to promote the release of his upcoming album, True Colors. The mobile company is doing so by giving away 250,000 free copies of a Milo & Otis remix of Zedd’s current single, “I Want You To Know,” which features vocals from Selena Gomez, on April 8th (today). The free downloads will be available to fans who follow T-Mobile’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In an official press release for the partnership, T-Mobile claimed that “Zedd’s fans are a mobile-first, data-hungry generation and are a natural fit for T-Mobile.”  The company revealed that they will continue working with Zedd through the coming year in an effort to bring “un-carrier customers access to exclusive benefits including reserved tickets for live performances and more.”  The company will be showing their support by acting as a primary sponsor to Zedd’s upcoming tour. The effort is also in collaboration with T-Mobile’s new Music Freedom program, which allows users to stream music from their phone without going over their data plan.

Zedd’s True Colors is available for release on May 19th. Yesterday, the singer revealed the album’s cover, which features an artistically rendered tree that is illustrated with a rainbow effect of colors. The cover art closely resembled the art used for “I Want You To Know.” Currently, a tracklist has not been released. Earlier this year, Zedd and Gomez promoted “I Want You To Know” heavily in the weeks before its release. Armed with a music video and fan attention, the song has peaked at number 17 at the Billboard Hot 100, but it has yet to receive a live performance.

Continuing with the theme of color, Zedd is participating in the #ZeddTrueColors campaign, in which he plans to host color themed events for fans across North America. At the exclusive events, fans will get to listen to one song from the album, and the track will correlate with the color of the event. For example, at the first event hosted in Austin, Texas during SXSW, Zedd previewed the album’s first song “Addicted to Memory,” which featured Bahari. At the most recent, tallow-themed event hosted on April 5th, he introduced fans to the song “Bumble Bee.”

Copies of the remix of “I Want You To Know” are still available on T-Mobile’s social media sites.  Fans can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to pick up a copy. The download link can be found in a post about Zedd and #MusicFreedom on both pages.

FDRMX Eyes: James Paterson is a singer-songwriter from the UK. Paterson recently released his music video for “Read Between the Lines.”

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