Warped Tour Is Giving Away Free Tickets

Courtesy of garagemusicnews.com

Courtesy of garagemusicnews.com

As the Vans Warped Tour prepares to celebrate its 21st anniversary, it is taking extra effort to ensure the safety and happiness of all of its attendees. Their first step to address safety concerns is to provide free tickets to parents of any concertgoer under the age of 18. These tickets will be available to any parent or legal guardian over the age of 28, and will give them free access to the event.

In an effort to keep parents comfortable, several venues have announced that they will be creating special areas for adults to gather during the event. Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is providing parents with their own air-conditioned tent since their venue is outdoors. It has been announced that parents should be able to enjoy a movie or magazine while their children are enjoying the show.

They are also boasting the addition of a comedy tent, perfect for parents who may not be as enthused by the performances taking place on the main stage. There the likes of Beth Stelling, Chase Bernstein, Eric Schwartz, and other comedians will entertain parents and other concertgoers.

The Vans Warped Tour is kicking off on June 17th in Anchorage, Arkansas and will run through forty stops before coming to a close on August 8th in Auburn, Washington. This year, the Warped Tour had a kick off celebration that took place on April 7th in Los Angeles, California at Club Nokia.

Although the Vans Warped Tour started off as a punk, rock and pop punk touring festival, it has evolved over the years and now welcomes a variety of different performers to their stage including comedians and YouTube celebrities. The Warped Tour has also enlisted musicians such as Katy Perry, who performed on the tour in 2009. Kevin Lyman, the Warped Tour founder, is excited by the eclectic mix of performers who are now taking the stage while his festival tours the United States. He claims to have desired a more diverse lineup to reflect upon the standard concertgoers varied taste.

This year’s lineup is set to include performances from rock, indie, and pop musicians who are rapidly rising in the ranks. Amongst the list of performers are names such as Bebe Rexha, New Beat Fund, As It Is, Beautiful Bodies, and many more acts.

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