2 Chainz and Diplo Drink Water Worth $100,000

Courtesy of karencivil.com

Courtesy of karencivil.com

In the most recent episode of Most Expensivest Shit, the show where the Grammy nominated rapper 2 Chainz “sets out to find the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet,” he and Diplo sampled bottled water, but not just any bottled water, one hundred thousand dollar bottled water.  He and Diplo met with America’s only water sommelier, Martin Riese, who explained the difference between the many types of water available for drinking.  In the nearly five minute video, Diplo and 2 Chainz are first taught the difference between bottled waters. While most people think all water is the same, according to Riese, it is not. As the rainwater falls, it runs through different areas picking up different minerals along the way.  Therefore what is collected in one area can be completely different than water collected somewhere else, giving it an entirely different taste.  He also gives the musicians a lesson on TDS (total dissolved solid) which is a way to measure the amount of minerals in water.  The higher the TDS, the stronger the taste.

The first water they tasted was a glacier water which has virtually no minerals and runs for about twenty dollars a bottle. While Diplo thought the water tasted good, Riese stated that he could barely taste anything due to its low TDS.  Vichy Catalan, which is naturally carbonated, was the next water he offered the artists, which according to 2 Chainz, tastes like Alka-Seltzer. Diplo guessed that it was very healthy due to the strong taste and Riese agreed, admitting that it not only is a healthy water, but is also great after a night of alcohol over-indulgence.  The Vichy runs for about thirteen dollars a bottle. The last bottle of water the boys tasted was the most expensive by far, costing one hundred thousand dollars. Riese ensures though that you are not just buying the highly fruity tasting mineral infused water, but you are also purchasing an experience.  Aside from America’s most expensive water, Beverly Hills 9OH2O, you get a silver briefcase, four glasses, and a bottle of the water which has a fourteen karat diamond cap. Riese will also fly it out to you wherever you are and do a water tasting with you as well.

At the end of the video, when it was time for 2 Chainz to discuss his thoughts on the water, he was clearly not impressed and said he would rather stick to his Aquafina, Fiji, or Smartwater and says that Diplo feels the same.

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