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There’s no need to scour the internet to find information on Drake anymore. Now there’s a one stop shop that has everything you never knew you wanted to know about the Canadian rapper. All you have to do is visit Let Me Drake that for You to have images, articles, and videos all relating to Drake at your disposal.

Let Me Drake that for You is highly reminiscent of Google. His name is even spelled out in the signature Google font and color scheme. The rest of the text on the homepage mirrors the text that Drake used on the cover of his recently released album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

When your cursor hits the search box, you are treated to sound effects by the artist, and the right hand corner of the search box provides trending search terms that you can click on; some of which include: dad sweater, larping, and Seinfeld. Along with searching random terms, you can also search the names of other artists like Rihanna or Beyoncé to get a detailed history of their connection to Drake. Fans who dread waiting for articles to load are in luck because tracks from the artist automatically play while the page is loading.

While Google has an I’m Feeling Lucky option, Drake’s search engine has an I’m Feelin Drizzy button that delivers various animated gifs and clips of the artist; which are paired with graphics of raining dollar bills, flames, confetti and much more. There are even throwback clips of Drake in a wheelchair which pay homage to the days that the rapper spent on the Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi.

Let Me Drake That For You has premiered on the heels of Jay Z’s new music streaming service Tidal, and it seems that artists are striving to dominate the technological field in order to keep up with the times as the entertainment industry continues to merge with the digital world. The site was built by California-based developer Tyler Smith, and so far, the public reaction has been very positive. Fans have been raving on Twitter about #lmdraketfy, tweeting that the site is interactive and addictive.

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