J. Lo Is the Reason for Google Image Existence

Courtesy of latimes.com

Courtesy of latimes.com

Jennifer Lopez made waves back in 2000 when she strutted down the red carpet at the Grammy Awards Show in a dress that effortlessly blended Lopez’s sex appeal and high fashion aesthetic. Dressed in a deeply plunging and very sheer green Versace gown, J. Lo was the center of attention, and fans were clamoring to see images of the dress from their computers at home. There was only one problem, Google Image Search did not exist; therefore, fans were desperately searching for the images, but they were unable to find them.

Now, fifteen years later, we are learning that the drive for images of the pop superstar in the gown led to the creation of Google Image Search. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman explained, “At the time it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J. LO wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born.”

Fifteen years later, J. Lo’s dramatic gown is still an article of discussion every year as we enter award show season. As fans and critics speculate who will take the title of best dressed, they pay tribute to the dress that broke the internet. Since then, few artists have been able to replicate the media furor with their own gowns. The gown is currently on display at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, and it is one of the few articles of clothing to have its own page on Wikipedia.

It was the dress seen around the world, thanks to the existence of Google Images. It has been credited with making Donatella Versace’s design house a household name across America, and it has been recognized as the fifth most iconic gown of all time by the Daily Telegraph. Being responsible for the creation of Google Image Search is yet another accolade it can add to its storied existence.

To this day, Jennifer Lopez remains a fashion icon who spends most of her time on the Best Dressed List. The musician is currently finishing up another season as a judge on American Idol. She also recently lent her voice to the animated film, Home, alongside fellow pop superstar Rihanna. Lopez’s current single “Feel the Light” can be heard on the Rihanna curated Home Soundtrack.

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