Ozzy Osbourne Will Tour Alone in Farewell Show

Courtesy of fanpop.com

Courtesy of fanpop.com

The Black Sabbath Farewell Show has been canceled. The show was said to take place on November 22, 2015, and the date has been set since March of 2015 — which was confirmed by Sharon Osbourne on video. The band states that “despite previous reports, Black Sabbath will not appear on this year’s Ozzfest Japan, the show will instead feature the namesake, Ozzy Osbourne (and friends.)” It is not entirely known if the show was meant to be the band’s absolute final show or if it would just be their last show in Tokyo, Japan; the band’s statements left room for question.

The band will be releasing their last album in 2015 as a continuation of their album 13. Osbourne had plenty to say about his long-time bandmates: “Black Sabbath is slow and demonic; Tony Iommi is untouchable for that kind of stuff. My stuff is more melodic, more structured of a song. It’s more kind of rock than doom-y. It’s happier, kind of.”

The Farewell Show may have been canceled, but there will be a show nonetheless. Osbourne has not given up on his touring like his fellow bandmates have — not just yet anyway: “They don’t want to tour anymore, I get it, But I love it.” Osbourne lives for his memorable performances, and he is not ready to put touring behind him. The 66-year old legendary rock star still has some more years ahead of him. He admits that he will continue to do his “solo thing” — he is currently gathering material for his next solo performance, which may well not be finished for the next couple of years. Osbourne is working toward having another — maybe his last — blowout performance before he hits the big 70.

As for the rest of Black Sabbath, they have given up on touring, and whatever the band does now is their “last hurrah,” says Osbourne. The band will be disbanding everything once they have have milked their musical abilities to its last drop — “no more Black Sabbath,” says Ozzy. Further information on Black Sabbath’s final album and Ozzy Osbourne’s solo efforts is still to come.

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