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R&B hit-maker Frank Ocean and his DJ, James Blake, upset fans in the Bristol area after Blake posted confusing messages to his social media sites regarding whether or not he and Ocean would be performing on the 1-800 Dinosaur “road trip” tour. Blake had alluded that he and Ocean would be joining the event, referencing the alleged title of Ocean’s upcoming album (BOYSDONTCRY) in a post on his accounts. The tour performed its first night in Bristol on April 9th, and many fans were in the audience searching for Blake and Ocean onstage.  

Blake hopped back on social media, apologizing for confusion and stating that they were not participating in the tour, but were instead on a “1-800 DINOSAUR road trip, putting on club nights and documenting the weekend.” He went on to explain that the documentation would be used for Ocean’s upcoming BoysDontCry Magazine, a fan magazine that Ocean is putting together for joint release with his album.  

Unfortunately, Blake only added to the confusion when he performed a set onstage. Although it was implied that Frank Ocean was in the audience, he did not make an appearance onstage. As the night came to a close, the audience could be heard expressing their aggravation.    

Fans were disappointed by Frank Ocean’s absence onstage, and they took to social media to express their anger after the set. One fan went as far as to claim that James Blake “clearly misled people to push ticket sales,” going on to describe Blake’s set as “generic house.” Others complained that they spent their money to purchase tickets to the show, claiming that they felt ripped off and used. One attendant in the audience was a little more generous in his review, stating, “I was into the music they were playing, I just felt I was waiting for something that never happened. It made it a bit flat.” Thus far, Ocean has yet to reply to the backlash.

Frank Ocean is gearing up for the upcoming release of his second studio album. This will be his first release since 2012’s channel Orange, which was critically acclaimed and established Ocean as an act to watch. The musician has also appeared as a ghostwriter on tracks for artists and has worked alongside Jay Z and Kanye West on their 2012 hit “No Church in the Wild.” The artist has claimed that his new album will be conceptually driven, citing a wide range of influences.

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