Honey Cocaine: ‘The Gift Rap’ Track-by-Track EP Review

2015 HC

2015 HC

Honey Cocaine is definitely sweet and addicting as her name suggests; not only that, she is on fire! She is that female rapper that is on her way to being the most eminent female rapper in the industry. Honey Cocaine is not teasing anymore. After creating an exceedingly high reputation for herself featuring on Tyga’s songs, she now has an EP titled The Gift Rap. This EP is everything you could ever imagine. It is indeed a “gift rap” as its contents are extremely pleasant and you will be overjoyed when you “un-rap” it.

I’ve never been this charged up about a female rapper since that first time I heard Da Brat, who, by the way, was the first female rapper I ever listened to. Honey Cocaine will remind you of what it means to put in work and deliver music that will establish a line of descent for all the projects that will follow.

Her career is of YouTube parentage, and she has done well ever since. YouTube would be a proud parent to know that one of its babies is taking over pretty soon. This EP is the first in line of many great projects to come. She sounds like she has been working hard to develop and nurture a style of delivery that will be her signature. That style has been well-achieved, and it is what is displayed on The Gift Rap.

The Gift Rap is the most enjoyable and well put-together collection of an artist’s music out right now. There is an inexplicable thing about this EP that makes it an extremely frantic project. Honey Cocaine plays the chef that gives you the most scrumptious starter food you’ll ever taste. And then, returns to the kitchen leaving you wanting more but uncertain if she has gone back to prepare the main course. The Gift Rap has only just five great songs that leave you craving for more. But the power they wield is beyond belief. It says one thing about her; she is either that good that she puts together such an incredible EP in the shortest time, or she is an artist that takes her time and gives the fans flawlessness. 

Sundae,” the first song off the EP, has been around for a while. It was released a couple of weeks ago, and it brought an unquenchable thirst for more of her music. That thirst has been quenched with The Gift Rap. She is all about meeting this guy on a Monday, and she takes you through what they do till “Sundae.” The story telling on it is obligatory, and you’ll be anxious to know what happens on “Sundae.”

The second song features Paula DeAnda. Paula DeAnda must ring a bell as she is the beauty that sang the 2006 hit song “Walk Away (Remember Me).” And she’s still got it. She does a good job working with Honey Cocaine on “Run Thangs,” where she exhibits great vocal strength and marvelous control of her voice. Honey Cocaine continues to raise the stakes on this one. She unleashes a flow that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

“Honeydick,” the third track, takes a twist. She is showing no love for the fellows that like to fool around with girls that are serious. She does not trust them, and she has no kind words for them. The flow is captivating and the lyrics present clarity and realism. 

The forth song is “1 Time,” and here, Honey Cocaine is letting you know that if she gets the right deal, she will settle. She will not settle for less because she can handle herself, and when she’s ready for it, she’ll come for it. We all have got to love a woman that knows what she wants and will come for it once she sees it. That’s Honey Cocaine on this song.

“Done Done,” the last song on The Gift Rap, is my favorite song. Honey Cocaine is preaching for the fellows that have you and someone else on the side. She thought he was real, and now it turns out he is just a pretender. She warns such guys to keep off and not waste her time. Honey is on to you fellows, you will not be proceeding after this. She knows all the tricks in the bag, so you might as well abandon your bag of tricks at a street corner. She sings the chorus on this song and it is beautiful. She can quite handle her own hooks even if it means she has to sing them.

The Gift Rap is an outstanding representation of what Honey Cocaine is as a musician and as an artist. She has made tremendous maturity in the flow, delivery and execution of great songs. She is truly one gifted woman. I must commend her ability to strike a balance between hardcore and going really soft to cater for all audiences. She is a musician that understands her audience and gives it what they want. From this EP, I am hoping she continues to work on even bigger projects that will facilitate her ascend to higher recognition in the industry. 

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