Madonna Takes a Stab at Stand-Up Comedy

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Legendary popstar Madonna appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, and her appearance took a turn for the comical in the midst of an interview with Fallon. The interview turned towards Madonna’s hopes and dreams for the future. The “Lucky Star” musician expressed a passion for stand-up comedy, referring to herself as a “closet comedian,” and Fallon decided to encourage her to take a stab at it. In an effort to make her dreams come true, Fallon sent Madonna behind the stage and reintroduced her as a stand-up comic.

Madonna ran onstage to great applause, taking her spot at a microphone and proceeded to begin her first comedic routine, and things got raunchy. The musician turned stand-up comic stressed the importance of talking about what you know, so she decided to tackle her affinity for dating younger men, cracking several jokes about the ups and downs of her relationships. The comic act referenced Madonna’s young son as she asked if he had any friends she could date, her affinity for fine art, and young men’s complete and utter lack of knowledge about art. Although they may not know about Picasso (“he painted the Mona Lisa didn’t he”) and Warhol, Madonna did express one good thing about dating younger men. They know how to work their phones.

Madonna finished her set on a high note, and Fallon rushed onstage to thank her while holding a copy of her current album Rebel HeartThe popstar also gave an interview on the show, reminiscing about her experiences touring with the Beastie Boys and her relative levels of “coolness.” In another comical moment during the interview, Madonna revealed that her kids “remind me every day about how uncool I am,” claiming that they call her basic on the daily.

Madonna also treated fans to two performances over the course of the evening. The first was a “Classroom Instruments” rendition of her 1983 classic, “Holiday,” with The Roots. Madonna played a cowbell and sang with backing support from The Roots, who played a variety of instruments including xylophones, kazoos, and so much more. “Holiday” was a fun performance, but her show closing rendition of “Bitch I’m Madonna,” a cut from Rebel Heart, served up some serious Rebel Heart promo and #Unapologetic energy.

The performance was frenzied, featuring appearances from the elusive Sock Bitch, producer Diplo, and her son Rocco on a skateboard. The song’s performance started backstage in Madonna’s dressing room and cameras followed the superstar as she made her way to the stage. As Diplo watched over the performance from a DJ booth, Madonna treated fans to a passionate performance, twerking and thrusting her hips all over the stage, fans, and Jimmy Fallon’s desk. All in all, it seems as though the controversial pop star had a good time with Fallon.

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