Kanye Throws Free Concert, Jumps In Lake

Courtesy of bet.com

Courtesy of bet.com

Kanye West put on a free concert in Armenia on Sunday evening. The surprise show was thrown in the city of Yerevan, and West performed a number of his hit songs including “Power,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Stronger.” The rapper even decided to jump in Swan Lake during his performance of “Good Life.” “It’s a problem. Can y’all see me over there? We’re going to do something different, like we always do,” West told the crowd. It seems the crowd definitely did “something different,” by joining the rapper in the lake too. 

Unfortunately, the crowd’s impromptu lake diving caused the show to come to an abrupt end. West’s wife Kim Kardashian posted photos on Instagram after the concert, which detailed how exciting her husband’s show was, despite its sudden cancellation. “Kanye jumped in swan lake to be closer to the crowd on the other side & so many people jumped in too,” Kardashian’s caption was accompanied by a photo of West performing in Swan Lake. She added, “It was such an exciting crazy night! So happy I got to rock out with everyone in Armenia on our last night here!!!” 

Kanye West seems to have been in really good spirits during his performance on Sunday evening. Being on vacation can be a big reason for his positivity, but the rapper may also be relieved because the lawsuit against him has finally been settled. West and videographer Daniel Ramos came to an agreement last week, and settled their dispute from 2013. The rapper attacked Ramos outside of Los Angeles International Airport, and he was charged with misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft. West punched Ramos, grabbed his camera, and threw the videographer’s camera to the ground. 

Whether or not West had to pay Ramos a cash settlement was not made public, but it was publicly stated that the rapper had to apologize to the videographer. A photo of the rapper shaking hands with Ramos circulated the Internet last week, and West even flashed a rare smile for the camera. The trial for the case would have taken place on tomorrow, but Ramos dismissed the case after reaching an agreement with West. The videographer’s attorney, Gloria Allred, stated that she hopes other celebrities get the message that they are not above the law. Allred also said that her client asking a question did not constitute him being physically attacked. 

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