Coachella Security Put Justin Bieber in a Chokehold

Courtesy of Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Courtesy of Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Justin Bieber was allegedly put into a chokehold by Coachella security on Sunday night. According to reports, the pop singer was trying to watch Drake’s performance from the artist entrance area, but security stated that the area was at capacity. Bieber reportedly began arguing with security, and he claimed he could not watch Drake’s performance with the crowd because he may get mobbed by fans. Even though the pop star said he was personally invited by Drake to watch his performance from the artist area, security refused Bieber’s entrance.

A staff member at Coachella decided to allow Bieber into the artist area, and this gesture reportedly angered the security. While the pop singer was walking to the designated area, a security guy came up from behind Bieber and put the singer in a chokehold. Some reports claim an altercation between Bieber’s team and Coachella’s security broke out, and therefore, the pop singer was thrown out of the music festival. On the contrary, Bieber stated he left Coachella voluntarily, and he is considering taking legal action against the music festival.

Justin Bieber must be thinking, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” Bieber is doing his best to stay on a straight and narrow path. The singer has publicly stated that he has removed the negative people from his circle, and he is finally in a positive place in his life. His upcoming album is expected to be a reflection of his growth, and the new found peace in his heart. On a positive note, Bieber didn’t get arrested, and he’s not the one facing a lawsuit against him. At the present moment, it seems Bieber was on the other end of the confrontation, and it doesn’t appear the singer did anything wrong. 

Maybe Bieber’s new project will feature songs about trying to stay calm and positive, in a very negative situation. Although a release date has not been announced yet, Bieber has revealed Kanye West and Rick Rubin will provide production on his album. The singer is also hoping Skrillex and Diplo will return the favor, and do a feature on his forthcoming project. Bieber made a guest appearance on Skrillex and Diplo’s (Jack U) project on a song entitled “Where Are U Now.”

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