De La Romance – Unfree

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De La Romance is back with an ambient, electro-pop music video for their song entitled “Unfree.” The music video introduces our female protagonist who is crying on the phone. She begins her journey by the water, where a cargo ship is docked. Breaking the night by walking along a railroad, she finds an abandoned train car and remains inside until the sun fully rises. The camera focuses mainly on her facial expressions. The woman depicts an emotion we can all relate to, which is sadness. We can only assume that she received awful news from the beginning and is trying to grasp reality and move on. This is evident as she moves on from one place to another. She further contemplates as the train transports her from a dark place to a much happier place, such as the beach. The beach symbolizes freedom, where the ocean goes out as far as the eye can see. The light filter laid on top of the video compliments the calm, smoothing music and vocals. We can thank Sebastien Desmedt and Thomas Lemoine for directing a well-executed and captivating video. Overall, De La Romance’s “Unfree” actually gives us a sense of freedom and love.

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Directed by Sebastien Desmedt and Thomas Lemoine
Assistant Director – Simon Buicanges
Cinematographer – S. Desmedt and T. Lemoine
Actress – Betty Tembrasse
Make-Up and Hairdresser – Vanessa Boisjean
Production – Exfools