ACM Awards’ 50th Anniversary Show Getting Pricey

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As the Academy of Country Music is gearing up to host the 50th anniversary of their Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM Awards) on April 19, they are going out of their way to ensure that the event is a memorable one. For starters the awards show will be making a move from Las Vegas, where the show is traditionally hosted, to Dallas Texas, where it will be hosted from AT&T Stadium. As the first awards show to be broadcast from a stadium, the production team is beginning to realize the scope of their move. Things are move accordingly, but according to ACM’s CEO Bob Romeo they’re also getting a little pricey.

Romeo estimates that production is approximately “four times what it costs us to do the show in Las Vegas.” Part of the additional cost comes from a larger area. There will be two large stages on which the event will take place, and they also need to build up seating for around the stages. Romeo also mentioned that the rigging for lighting and filming is expensive and that installation is a time consuming process. He estimates that the rigging will cost upwards of $2 million and that part of the increased fee comes from working 350 feet in the air. “We lost two hours a day because it takes a worker a half-hour to get up to the ceiling, half-hour for lunch, half-hour down when they’re finished.”

Beyond the extra time for workers to get to their positions, the team also has to go to extreme measures to consider how everything will be filmed. Romeo detailed the difficulty of considering lighting and staging in such a large area, especially since they will have two stages. Although the process has been an expensive one, they did receive some support from the Dallas Cowboys (who play in the AT&T Stadium) and the governor to be listed on the economic fund.

In an effort to pay tribute to the past fifty years, the ACM Music Awards petitioned for an additional thirty minutes of screen time to enable them to recognize legacy acts as well as their typical awards. After CBS approved them for the additional screen time, the ACM decided to award eight Milestone Awards to those who have been particularly beneficial to the industry. Amongst those who are expected to receive a Milestone Award are Taylor Swift for her back to back Entertainer or the Year awards, Miranda Lambert as the “most decorated female,” Reba McEntire for her continued participation with the program, George Strait, and several others.

This year’s Academy of Country Music Awards is also taking things to a new level with their performances. This year’s performers lineup boasts appearances from a varied collection of artists. Country acts such as Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, and Lady Antebellum will be joined by popstars such as Nick Jonas and Christina Aguilera to ensure that the performances are fresh and interesting. Romeo claims that they production is looking to keep fans excited. He claims that they usually like to have at least one big moment an hour, but that this year they are aiming for two big events an hour.

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