Composer Alexandre Desplat Receives Icon Award

Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe via

Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe via

Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat is set to receive this year’s BMI Icon Award at this year’s Film & Television Awards for his “outstanding career achievement.” The awards show is set to take place on May 13th, and the composer will be honored for his contributions to the world of film as well as music. Desplat will be taking the stage to accept his award at the event, which will be hosted by BMI president and CEO Mike O’Neill and vice president of Film/TV Relations Doreen Ringer-Ross.

Over his lengthy career, Desplat has composed scores for a variety of medium, though he primarily works on Hollywood films and French cinema. Since 1986, he has worked on more than 100 films, starting primarily in French work before breaking into the United States with his work on the soundtrack for Girl with a Pearl Earring. Since then, Alexandre Desplat has gone on to work on the scores of several critically acclaimed films across a variety of genres. The composer has worked on young adult novel to film adaptations such as the Twilight series (The Twilight Saga: New Moon), The Golden Compass, and Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2).

Desplat has also worked on critically acclaimed films such as The King’s Speech, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Ides of March, and “Marilyn’s Theme” for My Week with Marilyn. He has collaborated with the likes of Wes Anderson and George Clooney over the course of his extensive career.

Most recently, Desplat’s work on the score of The Grand Budapest Hotel won the composer his first Academy Award for Best Original Score. The score also won him his second Grammy Award in the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media category. His first Grammy Award came from the same category, but for 2011’s The King’s Speech. As a recipient of the BMI Icon Award, Desplat will be joining a collection of highly lauded honorees including John Williams, Rachel Portman, and Mike Post.

Another honoree who will be receiving recognition for his musical contributions to film and television is Walt Disney Music president Chris Montan. Montan will be receiving the Classic Contribution Award, honoring his extensive work with Disney, which has led the company to more than 42 Academy Award nominations and 16 wins.

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