Grizzly Bear Working on a ‘More Adventurous’ Album

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Grizzly Bear is heading back into the studio to record their fifth album. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear said the band is slightly changing their sound for the new project. “We’re feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit. Not like a techno dance album. It’s in the beginning stages,” Droste told The Standard magazine. He added, “Only a couple songs have started to take shape and it’s gotta be like a good dozen or so before we get the picture.”

Droste admitted that he is stressed about trying to put together a great project, and the fact that some members of the band live on different coasts, just adds to his anxiety. “I would be lying if I said it [having the band members on different coasts] didn’t cause great anxiety. When I’m stressed about it, I have to remember that every time we try to do a new album, I have huge anxiety,” Droste said. He continued, “Every time, it’s like, ‘woah that was a crazy process, we have to do something different.'” 

Droste is also dealing with the finalization of his divorce, but the singer promises the band’s album won’t be centered around that rough time in his life. Last year, Droste stated on social media that he was trying to separate two lives, and “I don’t want to have this be a narrative for [the] next album, so I’m saying here briefly that I’m amicably and lovingly divorcing my husband.” Droste reiterated his divorce sentiments during his interview with The Standard. “Anyone who has gone through it can tell you…it’s intense as f***. I thought maybe it would be fodder for songwriting, but it ends up consuming everything,” he explained. Droste added, “It was so grueling intense. Every logistical thing comes with so much emotional baggage.” 

Grizzly Bear has dropped four studio albums including Horn of Plenty, Yellow House, Veckatimest, and Shields. Shields was released three years ago, and it impacted the Billboard 200 Albums chart at Number 7. The project also reached the charts in the UK, Switzerland, Scotland, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Austria, and Australia. The release date for Grizzly Bear’s new project has not been revealed yet. 

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