Ed Sheeran Wants to Make a Cameo on HBO Show

Courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Ed Sheeran wants to get his “Game of Thrones” on. After receiving an official Game of Thrones sword from a New Zealand radio station as a belated birthday present, pop superstar Ed Sheeran would like to put that sword to use by making a cameo on HBO’s critically acclaimed show. Sheeran claims that he is prepared to “hound” producers of the show in the hopes of making an appearance and putting that sword to use.

The musician has gone on to reveal that he has been approached about appearing on the show several times, but he has always been held back by previous engagements. “Every time they shoot it’s the time I tour in the U.K.” Sheeran explained. This time though he has his eyes set on the soon to be filmed sixth season, and he will not be denied. “I’ve got that time off this year, so I’m going to hound them.”

If Sheeran is successful and is able to schedule an appearance, this will be his third time making a cameo on a television show. The “Thinking Out Loud” crooner has appeared along Big Bird and his crew in Sesame Street and has gotten a little dramatic on Home and Away, an Australian soap. The musician has been a huge fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones for quite some time now. He claimed that the sword, a replica of Jon Snow’s, was the best gift he has ever received and giddily claimed that he would be asking the character’s actor to sign it for him.

If he is able to organize an appearance on the show, Sheeran will not be the first musician to enter the Game of Thrones saga. It has been rumored that the metal band Anthrax will be hopping into the adventure in the currently airing fifth season. The band is so passionate about the project that they have expressed a desire to record the drums for an upcoming album on the storied set. Coldplay’s Will Champion entertained the masses as a drummer during the jaw-dropping “Red Wedding.” Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros have also made a series of cameos on the show. Sigur Ros went on to update “The Rains of Castamere” for the show.

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