Ex-Drummer Bill Ward Lashes Out at Black Sabbath

Courtesy of Aimee Candelaria via shootfromthehip.us/music-ii

Courtesy of Aimee Candelaria via shootfromthehip.us/music-ii

It was last September when Black Sabbath frontman, Ozzy Osbourne, told Metal Hammer that come early 2015, the band would begin work on a final album with producer Rick Rubin, before heading out on a final tour. While nothing official has been confirmed or denied, it is probably safe to say that a farewell tour will not include founding member and drummer, Bill Ward

In a formal statement posted on Facebook yesterday, Ward reveals, “With a sad heart, I have to say I will not participate in any musical undertakings until a righting of the wrongs spoken against me has been achieved.” While Ward states that he has in no way severed his relationship with Black Sabbath, he does use the letter as a means to discuss his friendship, or more accurately, his lack thereof, with Osbourne, saying that if he were ever to be friends with Osbourne again, he will require an honest and public apology. 

While Ward did not mention a specific incident in which Osbourne should be apologizing for, he did say that, “the often inaccurate statements about me as a person and as a musician have caused me to be guarded and be especially detached emotionally and spiritually from Ozzy.” He goes on to discuss that he believes that Osbourne made false and exaggerated statements involving Ward and hints that the other members of the band have not chosen to take his side; thus pushing the idea of a reunion farther and farther away, despite how much he misses playing with the band.

Ward, who is getting ready to release his latest album Accountability Beast with his Bill Ward Band, mentions that if he were to take even one step towards a Black Sabbath reunion, he would need to see a contract that he could agree with, saying, “I would require a ‘signable’ contract before moving one step toward a pathway that could lead to us all playing together again.” Ward also discusses how much he regrets that Black Sabbath fans have not been able to have a full lineup reunion. The band’s most recent album, 13, did not include any drum work done by Ward. Instead, Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk filled in as drummer; the reason behind Ward’s lack of participation being contractual disagreements.

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