Kid Rock Applied to Be a Reserve Police Officer

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Kid Rock reportedly applied to be a reserve police officer in his home state of Michigan. A lawsuit has been filed against a small rural town in Michigan named Oakley, and Rock is amongst 150 reserve officers who have been named in the lawsuit. The lawyer who filed the lawsuit claims Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, is involved in a pay-for-play law enforcement scheme. Those who donate money are given special law enforcement status, which allows the reserve officers to carry a badge and firearms in the community of Oakley. 

Even though Kid Rock‘s name was not found on the donor list, the rocker’s name did appear on the list for those who applied to be a reserve police officer. As of right now, it cannot be confirmed if Kid Rock ever patrolled the Oakley area as a reserve officer or not, but the artist’s publicist has not released a statement regarding the matter. The Oakley Police Chief Rob Reznick stated the reserve officer program has been beneficial to the community. The small town has less than 300 residents, and Reznick believes the extra help by the officers is much needed. 

Although the reserve officers were not required to pay, court records reveal half of the officers made donations to the program. The report states the donations have totaled $183,000 from 2009 through 2014. Reznick said the reserve officers must have a concealed pistol license before they can apply for the program, and all officers must go through the background check process. Once they are approved, the officers are also required to do training sessions. Although the reserve officers carry badges and a firearm, they are not allowed to make arrests because they are considered to be volunteers. 

Those reserve officers who want to wear the proper police equipment, must pay $1300 for a uniform, gun, and armored vest. They are not paid for their services, but they are allowed the right to carry their gun into places that usually prohibit firearms (sports stadiums, casinos, and bars). Some of the most notable reserve officers for the town of Oakley include Jason Fox (NFL player), Michael Malik (millionaire developer of the Motor City Casino Hotel), and Matt Cullen (executive at Rock Ventures). 

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