Celso – Gemini

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Every musician lives to hear their song played on the radio, and in this very minimal and smooth-sounding video, Celso raps to his song entitled “Gemini.” When you hear his smooth beats, you will just want to “sit back and vibe,” as the radio host says in the beginning of the radio while he plays Celso’s hit song on the radio for all to hear. There is no video magic or girls breaking out in dance in this hip-hop video; Celso keeps things real and relatable as he rides around town and hangs out with his friends.

Celso is an American rapper from Florida, who’s sound is comparable to artists like The Notorious B.I.G. and J. Cole. He has had a few singles that have already lead him to radio stations such as ATL’s K100. He has also made his way into Rude Boy Magazine. “Gemini,” as well as other songs by Celso, will definitely take you back to a time where rap was better appreciated and remembered for it’s quality and not for it’s flashy music videos or over the top sounds; Celso keeps things simple, which is hard for many rap artists to do—ironically.

Directed by Ryan Blanco
Composed by Celso M. Dolmo
Produced by Mydus of GoldMindMusic

Website: celsomusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/CelsoMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/Celso_Music_
YouTube: youtube.com/user/CelsoMusic520

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