Earth Day Rally and Concert is Happening Now

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Mary J. Blige, Usher, Train, Common, Fall Out Boy, Gwen Stefani, and My Morning Jacket are performing for free today at the Earth Day rally and concert. The Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally will be hosted by Soledad O’Brien (television journalist) and, and it is being held at the National Mall in downtown Washington D.C. “We want the sun to shine. His other goals are more ambitious,” CEO Hugh Evans of the Global Poverty Project stated (via The Washington Post). He added,” The rally and star-studded concert, put on by the Global Poverty Project and the Earth Day Network, aim to unite the issues of climate change and global poverty, and to engage citizens and business and world leaders to act now to address both.” The Earth Day organizers are expected a crowd of more than 250,000 people.

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin was appointed the Global Citizen Festival curator for the next fifteen years. The festival is a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which hopes to end poverty by the year 2030. Utilizing music through the Global Citizen Festival is just one of the seventeen goals on their list that will hopefully put an end to global poverty. Martin’s duty is to get as many musicians as possible involved in the movement. The singer and organizers believe artists can play a vital role in ending global poverty.

Along with music, the Earth Day organizers are planning to develop an in-game focused on climate change. They are working with the developers of Angry Birds, which became one of the most popular in-games on the market. Angry Birds was downloaded over two billion times, and the Earth Day organizers hope they can develop a game with the same popularity. “Whether it’s the big migrations we expect to see or soil depletion or emptying the oceans, loss of species, loss of timberland…all these things are creating poverty at the same time that they are also creating climate change issues,” Earth Day Network president Kathleen Rogers stated. Earth Day is on April 22nd, and today’s festival will have petitions available for all attendees to sign for a UN conference on climate change expected to take place this December in Paris (France).

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