Deborah Cox: ‘More Than I Knew’ Single Review

It wasn’t’ until she kicked her man out her life until singer, Deborah Cox, faced the truth, she truly loved that knucklehead, on second single “More Than I Knew.” This song is a memorable  moment and that is something missing from playlists today. It’s the sort of song that stands the test of time because of its emotional deep assisted subtlety. The song manages to embody, a classic soul, full of introspective wish for the world to soak in the love lost.

As time grew while apart it unveiled; “The truth is so hard to remember / When its fading / And / All I can think about / Is what worked / It’s amazing.” Back then, she was “Young and foolish,” determined to break the spell but: “Time feels like forever / When you ain’t by my side.” Illustrating in vivid introspections the feeling meaningful lyrics pushing for despair and restoration. A thriving dedicated chorus allures listeners, “I Miss him so much more / Than I ever / Loved you / I’m better off letting you know / Than when I had you.” In subtle excellence, the bridge leads the heart home; “I know in my heart / We’re not meant to be / If things were that good / You’d be here with me.”

The producers enliven the music with live music aspect busting at the seams with the pulsating drums and twining guitar riffs during the pre hook. Smartly enriching “More Than I Knew,” with a strong musicality allows lyrics to pinch the heart into shambles, during live performances. Incredible masterwork from the producers truly enhances heartache, heard from Cox’s voice that rose to perfection.

Deborah Cox, profoundly confesses stupid errors of past days in a soaring voice, inspiriting audiences “More than I Knew” she loved him. Her vocal delivery, here is reminiscent of early work, which is a smart decision from the label pick this compelling number as the follow-up to “Kinda Miss You.” Urban Adult Contemporary radio love authentic numbers like this one here and successfully promotes, Deborah Cox’s, return to rhythm and blues. Her heart honors her past mistakes “Losing herself,” realized that loved stood right on your side all along. The love and passion instilled into her impassioned delivery takes fans back to her glory days within the first note very last soulful breakdown to take us home.

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