Justin Bieber, Photographer Reach Settlement


Justin Bieber has reportedly reached a settlement with Jeffrey Binion, who is the photographer that claimed he was assaulted by the pop singer’s bodyguard. The details regarding the settlement have not been made public, but the photographer’s attorney Mark DiCowden confirmed a settlement has been reached. Binion filed a lawsuit two years ago, after he was allegedly assaulted by Bieber’s bodyguard while he taking photos of the singer outside of a recording studio in South Florida. The photographer claims the bodyguard was instructed by Bieber to attack him.

Earlier this month, a judge in Argentina issued an arrest warrant for Bieber. The singer has been accused of ordering his bodyguards to assault a photographer in a nightclub in Buenos Aires back in 2013. The officers in Argentina have been instructed to immediately arrest Bieber and his bodyguards, if they travel to Argentina. The attorney involved in the case stated that they have no choice but to wait until Bieber returns, and he will then be taken into custody. If he is convicted, the pop singer faces thirty to six years in prison.

Bieber was also involved in a violent incident at the Coachella music festival this month. This time, the singer was the victim in the matter. He was allegedly put into a chokehold by a member of Coachella’s security team. Bieber was attempting to watch Drake’s performance from the artist entrance area, but he was told the room was at capacity. According to reports, Bieber got into an argument with security, and the matter quickly escalated. Another Coachella staff member intervened, and decided to allow Bieber’s entrance into the artist area. As the singer was walking, a security member grabbed Bieber from behind and put him in a chokehold. Bieber was reportedly kicked out of Coachella after the physical altercation. Bieber later stated that he left Coachella voluntarily, and he was considering suing the music festival. Today, there have been no further reports regarding the incident or Bieber’s lawsuit.

Right now, Bieber is focused on his upcoming album. Diplo recently confirmed that he and Skrillex plan on collaborating with the pop singer for his project. Diplo stated that Bieber needs to stop trying to please everyone, including his fans, and be true to himself. The EDM DJ believes Bieber is talented, but he has been musically limited throughout his career.

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