Builder of the House – There is No Hourglass, Only Sand

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Builder of the House is an Indie duo creates memorable tunes that are influenced by folk, roots and bluegrass music, which are accompanied by enthralling music videos. Their latest song “There is No Hourglass, Only Sand,” is a hit single, and its video is as equally amazing. The video is unique with its colorful and light-hearted atmosphere. It is constructed by hundreds of still images that synchronize with the lyrics of the song. The video is rather charming and cute as we see the characters move awkwardly back and forth across the screen. You will have to sing along, not only because the lyrics and beats are captivating, but because the lyrics appear on all of the still images for all to see. Having been created with nothing more than cardboard and paper, “There is No Hourglass, Only Sand,” will be memorable for its cuteness and originality.

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