Eva Universe, ‘What other people think about you is none of your business’


Eva Universe is literally taking over the universe. Well not quite, but the multi-talented singer and dancer has been changing the face of dance music with multiple charting singles, most recently her collaboration with Tyga on the hit “Body On Mine” charting at #9 on the Billboard dance charts. Gaining the attention of Snoop Dog, Lupe Fiasco and Gucci Mane, and opening for The Wanted, Havanna Brown, Nas and Alicia Keys, her music has taken off; and her latest single “TRAPPED” is potentially her most meaningful to date. So what has surprised her the most about her rise to success?

“My most pleasant surprise was how freakin awesome gay clubs are! I’ve had the privilege to perform around the country at different gay clubs and pride festivals,” she says. “They are so much fun and such fantastic fans. I think it’s well known that Eva Universe loves her gays!”

From a young age the Californian began her love story with all things music and dance. “I’m definitely a singer first and dancer second,” she shares. “I love dancing! I grew up dancing in front of my mirror and I was a cheerleader for a few years.”

Quick to point out she is no professional in the area of dance, saying “I have worked with some choreographers for my shows and music videos and I try my best to keep up with my amazing dancers,” the upcoming singer gives her all in every performance, blitzing the stage with her pop-diva vocals and choreography to match. In 2012 she even toured with the prestigious World of Dance which took her to cities including San Francisco and New York.

Currently on Nick Cannon’s Celebrity High Tour, Eva has been bringing her high energy performances and positive message to high schools across the US. “It’s something so different from my usual club or festival venues,” she says. “We use the whole lunch period at these schools to put on a show, throw out lots of giveaways, and bring some fun to the kids… all while promoting they stay away from drugs and stay in school of course.”

Perhaps what makes Eva different from her pop counterparts is her ability to bring this raw and honest message to her audience. Her single “TRAPPED” personally talks about her own struggles with depression, insecurities and an eating disorder. “It talks about how you can be stuck in tough situations and it’s so difficult to break through and escape,” she says of the track.

“For me it’s about being trapped in my own head of mean thoughts telling me how I’m worthless and not good enough. I’ve dealt with these issues for many years and I am still a work in progress. This song portrays my struggles and the complicated process of pushing through to get passed it.”

When asked about why she chooses to tackle these often taboo topics, she openly shares, “These are things that are a huge problem in our world today and they are tough subjects to discuss out loud. This is why I’m very open and honest about my struggles, more awareness needs to be created around these topics.” Her goal is to strengthen others through her work, “I want to send some love and strength to anyone else who is having a hard time through my music.”

Caring for her wellbeing on the road is a priority for Eva, and she make sure she stays connected to her roots. “I stay very close with my family, I talk to my parents everyday,” she says. “I also try to stay on top of my workout routine and eat well so I can feel good. This is much easier said than done while traveling for anyone I believe, but my manager helps keep me on track. You always need support from loved ones!”

Listing Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera as her idols, she hopes to influence pop music in the same way, “I love their talent and ability to perform. They always put on an amazing show for their fans,” she shares. “I strive to entertain and amaze people on stage as well.”

While still early in her career, Eva Universe is already creating waves on the dance scene. Whether she is performing at Wango Tango or making dace worthy anthems out of classics like Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” she has her eyes set on being a performer this generation will long remember. When asked about how she wants Eva Universe to be remembered in 50 years, she says, “I just hope that I have a good reputation of being a great entertainer and my music will live on forever!”

The future looks bright for this talented singer as she focuses on her mantra, “What others think about you is none of your business.” True to her name, the universe is her stage and she is ready to take it on with her passion and killer dance moves.

You can check out Eva Universe on her website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Her new single “TRAPPED” is available now on iTunes and Vevo, and to whet your appetite for all things Eva, you can listen to her mixtape presented by DJ Inferno from Power 106 on Soundcloud.