Celeste Buckingham: ‘Unpredictable’ Single Review


Since releasing her debut single “Run Run Run” in 2012, 19-year-old Celeste Buckingham has positioned herself as one of the brightest new lights in pop music. The soulful siren garnered more than 17 million views (and always counting) on the single’s music video and was certified as a Platinum artist in Europe with the release. Not bad for a debut single. Now Celeste Buckingham has made a bright return to pop with her newest single, the energizing “Unpredictable.”

Buckingham commented on the writing process for the single, and she revealed that it served as a learning experience regarding the game of life. “Writing this song was like writing a new chapter to a book,” she claimed, further explaining “I was moving forward and accepting that life is almost always unpredictable.” These are true words of wisdom from our young ingénue.

“Unpredictable” starts out with a dramatic extended introduction, slowly growing in power before Celeste’s vocals come in singing about her unexpected problems and lack of a backup plan. “I feel like falling / but I’m afraid of heights” she sings about her experiences with unpredictably. You can feel the singer’s aggravation as she struggles to deal with the loopholes of life and everything that can entail.

The track builds in production until reaching its crashing peak on the gloriously uplifting chorus, on which the instrumentation picks up and infuses the song with an unexpected and unpredictable (see what I did there) jolt of energy. The chorus feels perfect for dancing it all out and smiling in the face of your issues. Instead of bemoaning life and its unexpected curves, the production is meant to bring a smile to your face. Things may be a mess, but you can still dance it out! Buckingham may be upset about the way things progressed, but the siren doesn’t let anything hold her back from her huge plans in life.

As “Unpredictable” progresses, Celeste loses herself in the unpredictable nature of life and confidently proclaims that she will be capable of weathering any storm. Her voice grows in power, and she finishes the song with a positive and self-assured nature. The young musician delivers a nuanced and incredibly powerful performance on the track. Her voice injects the perfect amount of smoke to the soulful delivery and is the ideal foil to such a lively production. Instead of being owned by the song, Celeste Buckingham is absolutely in charge.

“Unpredictable” is a bop through and through and yet another strong offering from Celeste Buckingham. The fun song boasts a positive message and a wonderfully emotive vocal performance. Injecting the rocking production with just the right amount of drama and soul, Celeste Buckingham most assuredly has another hit on her hands, at least according to FDRMX. Take a listen on Buckingham’s Soundcloud, and let us know if you agree!