JPatron – Prendela

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JPatron‘s new music video for “Prendela” is raunchy and hot in all the right ways. Typical of much California Latino Hip Hop, “Prendela” features a curvatious tattooed stripper, a vintage Mustang automobile with a very big engine, a full-blown brass section, with shiny trumpets and conga drums, and of course, JPatron himself at the center of it all. I think the music is lively, and the video is well-shot. Lyrics in Spanish and English speak to the authentic Latino experience, especially on the West Coast of the United States. There is color, passion, machismo and brass. JPatron’s musical chops and talented rap skills almost make up for his unfortunately stereotyped representation of women. Overall I give this video a positive review. It is definitely a good thing to watch in summer, and I think this song will be popular all summer long. Congratulations to JPatron for another huge success. We should clearly all be listening to more Spanish Hip Hop this year.

Check his website out here.

Music by JPatron
Produced by Willie B Scratching and DJ Smoke
Mixed by Doc Da Mindbenda
Directed by Mauricio Ramirez (Atomik House Media)