Errol Brown Dies at 71

Errol Brown, best known for his role in the band Hot Chocolate, died in the Bahamas at age of 71. For some time, Brown has suffered from liver cancer, a disease which inevitably consumed him at his home in the Bahamas. No one ever wants to see their loved ones pass, however, Brown was fortunate enough to have his loving wife and daughters by his side through his deterioration.

Brown’s manager, Phil Dale said about Brown’s dedicated love for music: “I never went into his home, car or a hotel room without music playing.” Although he worked for Brown, Dale informs BBC News that they were also good friends and Brown will be terribly missed. “His greatest legacy is that his music will live on,” says Dale; Brown is best remembered–in life and now in death–for “You Sexy Thing,” and “Brother Louie,” while in Hot Chocolate. The British Band began in 1969 and have climbed numerous charts in over 50 countries. The band became a huge hit after the Beatles star, John Lennon, allowed them to records a reggae version of “Give Peace a Chance;” it is needless to say that Brown will be remembered for his great success. He will be missed by many, such as Nile Rogers and singer Beverley Knight, who stated on social media that “Errol Brown was such a charismatic performer.”

In 2009, Brown went on a farewell tour, admitting that “he’s done all he wanted to do.” He realized that he wasn’t getting any younger and the struggles of being on the road were taking its toll on him. However, he finds comfort in the fact that although he is through with touring, the music will always be there and it will never go away. Deciding to do a farewell tour has shown Brown how much his fans mean to him and vice versa. It made him “realize just how wrong it would have been to just drift away without saying goodbye.” Now that he has said his final goodbyes to his fans, friends and family, he can rest in peace.

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