Canadian Music Industry grants Awards

Last night in Toronto, more than 40 people were honored at the 2015 Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards. This sold out event hosted people from all areas of the music industry: areas included labels, management, radio, promoters, etc. Winners were announced via voiceover and those very special people and influential people were given onstage time. Onstage time was reserved for Hall of Fame inductees, one humanitarian and a few other honorees. Those new hall of famers included Warner Music, Steve Kane, John Cassaday, Darren Throop and the Cowboy Junkies. All votes were submitted on Canadian Music Week‘s (CMW) online ballot system.

Steve Kane gave some great words as he walked the stage to receive his unexpected award. He was so surprised that he believed there to be a “mix up.” He then tells how he got into the business for free records and beer tickets and never expected to get a career out of it or be on stage accepting an award in front of people that he has such a huge respect for, ending his speech by thanking all of those who thought him worthy.

Kane was not the only one who was surprised to win an award. Bryan Adams received the humanitarian award–named after Gary Slaight’s father, Allan–for his social activism, which he accepted with noble words: “It’s hose selfless and unrecognized people, that get little or no thanks, and I get an award such as this.” He has met countless people who’ve devoted their life to helping others without asking or expecting anything in return, and he is truly honored to be so lucky as to receive recognition for his work when most people don’t. He also gave thanks to the radio programmers and DJ’s who gave his music a chance.

The voiceover honorees of the basic awards were announced speedily as there were many winners. Some winners included Universal Music Canada, Dine Aone Record, eOne Music Canada and Universal Music Publishing. The full list of winners of the 2015 Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards can be found on CMW‘s website.

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