Dave Matthews Band Debuts New Song on Letterman


To commemorate David Letterman’s retirement from television, a concert web series Legends on Letterman has been launched, an online program that features a variety of live acts that have been repeat performers on The Late Show over the years. And so it only makes sense that Dave Matthews Band landed a gig on the program on the night of May 7th, as the band has a long history with Letterman. Letterman was the first to put the band on television, and they have returned to the show over twelve times since their debut.

Promptly at 9 o’clock, the band walked onto the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York and busted out some familiar tunes. It was towards the end of the stream that the band pulled a rabbit out of its hat.

Dave went up to the microphone and introduced a new song titled, “Black and Blue Bird.” The band proceeded to play a tune that can best be described as a bright love song. The song was comprised of classic Dave-styled acoustics, tight horns, and Carter’s nimble drumming. Not much of Boyd Tinsley could be heard. Whether or not that was due to his absence from the song or the fault of the sound technicians is not quite clear.

Almost immediately, die-hard Dave fans at Antsmarching.org sounded off. Many are declaring that “Black and Blue Bird” is a song that oozes old school Dave Matthews Band, praising the funky riff and the complex time signatures. Others are skeptical yet hopeful, expressing belief that the song will grow in the live show. Included within the mix of pleased fans are a handful of people who are not sold. Criticism of the wordiness of Matthews’ lyrics is scattered throughout the forum, though general consensus holds that the song has more redeeming qualities than flaws. As the first wave of reaction pours in, spirits are relatively high.

“Black and Blue Bird” is expected to land a spot on the band’s upcoming album, which has yet to be titled or given a release date. It is known that the album will be produced by Rob Cavallo, the producer of Dave Matthews Band’s Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. More new material is expected to be debuted as the band begins their summer tour.

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