Elijah Blake Ft. Dej Loaf: ‘I Just Wanna (remix)’ Single Review



Elijah Blake is definitely an artist to watch in RnB right now. He comes into the industry presenting a form of energy and enthusiasm that makes a great artist. The songwriter / singer is every bit the perfect representation of a unique artist. The sincerity in his lyrics and the power of his voice has a binding effect to every ear with a taste for good music. His latest release is a remix of “I Just Wanna” which features the latest female rap sensation Dej Loaf.

Two great new musicians put on the same track! I think this song is a presentment of what the future of the industry holds. Great musicians who are well disposed to keep the audiences entertained and at the edge of their seats with every hit. Elijah Blake and Dej Loaf on this song together made me realize that a new breed of legends is just being birthed.

“I Just Wanna (remix)” has one of the most exciting introductions, Elijah Blake and Dej Loaf share it with just vocals which do well to invoke anticipation of what the track has in stock for us. In the song, Elijah Blake just wants to get fucked up. He is referring to liquor here, he wants to pour another drink and just get wasted. But he is not doing this alone, he sings “I just wanna get fucked up, with you.” so whoever you are, you’ll be getting completely wasted with Elijah Blake.

And he also admits that when he told her that he had just come to kick it, he was lying. He got so carried away, there is nothing left to say, he wants her now, he needs her now and he has just got to hit that somehow. But right now, he just wants to get fucked up. We ought to respect the power of liquor. It has the uncontrollable ability to invoke all sorts of emotions and speaking the truth is one of those. Elijah Blake vividly demonstrates that as he sings in this song.

Dej Loaf on her verse is all about having fun. It’s been a long week and she needs it, she just got rid of him she’s single and she just wants to hit the strip club and blow singles. You might as well bring that other girl at home with you but then again that must be the Henny in her speaking. The liquor in her system is causing her to think and want to do all the craziest things.

Dej loaf is definitely a threat to all the other female emcees in the game right now. She has a flow that is captivating, she conveys her lyrics in one of the most compelling ways and she is currently a must have on an album or mixtape if anyone hopes to appeal to a whole new range of audiences.

“I Just Wanna (remix)” is a beautiful song with symbolism that is not hard to see. The future of the industry is bright and these two artists have presented a simple insight of the kind of music it holds. Elijah Blake is working on his debut album “Shadows & Diamonds” and it drops on June 23rd so prepare yourselves for music that is guaranteed to blow your mind. In the meantime, you can enjoy “I Just Wanna (remix).”

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