Eric Bellinger: ‘Please Say Yes’ Single Review

Eric Bellinger is a songwriter and now a singer who has a couple of great songs to his name and now he adds another. He has written for prominent artists including Chris Brown, Cali Swag District and Selena Gomez among others. His latest song is titled “Please Say Yes” and it has a pleasant earnest sound, you might remember him from last year’s songs “Focused on You” featuring 2 Chainz and “Awkward” featuring The Game. These songs were very impressive even though they did not make to high places on the charts and radio rotation.

He has now returned with a solo track that has been around for a while now. The capturing thing about this song is the sound, the honesty in the lyrics and his voice of course. Years of experience as a writer definitely breed an all-round entertainer in terms of writing and singing. Which should not come as a surprise, when you write for the likes of Chris Brown you have the vocal capability to ensure that the lyrics are properly balanced and flow the right way.

Have you ever loved someone too much that you are willing to do anything for them? Eric Bellinger has. In “Please Say Yes” Eric is in a situation where if she says no you’ll be inconsolable. We even hear him begging her not to say no. He sings, “ Please say yes, yes I’ll go anywhere you wanna go / Just say yes, yes am begging girl don’t say no…,” on the chorus. In the rest of the song, Eric tells us about her, what he feels for her and he describes to us how stunning she is.

He has just met this girl but he can’t help the feeling. He feels like he has known her forever. She is indeed stunning, by the time she arouses such emotions yet they have just met. He sings that she has a smile that he won’t forget and the fellows know how disarming beautiful smiles are. He confesses to falling deep into her, but what else could he do, and all he needs to know is if she feels it too. That’s where he gets on with the begging asking her to say yes. Men don’t usually plead, when a man does then you (the girl) should be sure he means every letter of every word. Eric Bellinger is that man on this song.

“Please Say Yes” has that innocent sound that Cody Simpson, Ian Thomas and the young Justin Bieber of 16 brought into the world. It is a song that is written with utmost sincerity expressing a feeling that could not be conveyed with a better sound. Eric Bellinger does an exceptional job to deliver this song to the audiences with complete musical justice. One thing I can surely guarantee is, “Please Say Yes” could get her to change her mind. The sincerity is spelling and only a monster would stand there and say no even after calling forth the compelling power of this beautiful song.

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Ian Paul Byamugisha is a college tech student from Uganda. When he’s not writing codes, he is writing poetry, music and articles.