Fame Crew – We Up Now

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This new music video for the song “We Up Now” from Fame Crew in Tampa, Florida is both endearing and a lot of fun. Two young wannabe gangsters, clearly not even out of puberty yet, but dressed to the nines regardless in all the most hilariously typical hip-hop regalia (bling, hats, grills, saggy pants, baggy t-shirts, and skater shoes) stomp around their suburban Florida neighborhood with a video camera and a track that is original and decent enough. The beats, although a little pedestrian, are nevertheless enjoyable, and the lyrics show surprising lexical and rhyming maturity. The subject matter of the song deals mostly with some sort of apology to a girl they seem to have offended. Our two young gentlemen rap, “Cuz you don’t get nothing that you don’t deserve / I lived and I learned / How different I turned / I’ll admit it, I’ll admit it / I wish that wasn’t me, I wish that wasn’t me / But see, that taught me some lessons that had to be learned / That taught me some things that I had to earn / What I deserved / Ooh, I love you / We up now.” Not bad, my friends. Not bad.

Directed and Shot by HoldUpTv
Produced by Known9oz

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