Best Album Art of 2015

There is so much to look forward to when you know that your favorite artist is coming out with a new album. First of all: listening to those delicious new tracks on repeat until they become like part of your bloodstream. Another thing I look forward to whenever my favorite musicians release new material is is looking at all the fantastic album art. A few of my favorite album artists this year so far include Leif Podhajsky and Kolour Bridge. These graphic illustrators understand how to collaborate with musicians and create images that not only correspond but enhance the experience of the music. In another lifetime, that would absolutely be my dream job. Album Artist in the digital age.


Tame Impala:

Kaizen + Yoe Mase

Tomorrow ♡_♡ #kaizen #yoemase #impurity #new #music #tomorrow #edm #electronica #kolourbridge #beauty

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FKA Twigs:

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Luke James:

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