Conner Stark – Trance

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Conner Stark recently released a new music video entitled “Trance“. At merely twenty-two years old, Stark is already an accomplished actor, singer-songwriter, and model. He attended the University of Southern California, where he double-majored in Song-writing & Theatre. He soon began recording music with Los Angeles-based producer Johannes Luley. Four weeks into working together, Stark managed to establish himself in both the music and fashion industries simultaneously, when his demo music was featured on the runway of the Alexander McQueen Tribute Show in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This should come as no surprise to viewers of this “Trance” music video.

Stark’s devotion to both of these art forms is made starkly (pun intended!) apparent through visual representation and quality in the video. The music is beautiful, dark and elegant, and the video is likewise. It depicts an ominously dark love story between Stark himself and a mysterious woman in lingerie. Who is she? What is she doing sitting by herself in her panties in that bathtub? This image is one of my favorite in the whole video, and I think it captures Stark’s genius as an American entertainer. To my mind, this song shows writing skills of startling maturity, and I also think that the video was beautifully directed. Although it was not directed by the songwriter himself, it was directed by an established professional, one Ryan Gregory Phillips. But still, Stark’s aesthetic sensibility and especially his knack for social climbing are proving to be quite something to look out for. In addition to his musical career, the young musician has also enjoyed a few promising successes both as a rising actor in Hollywood, and as a beauty model.

Directed by: Ryan Gregory Phillips
Produced by: The Paradise Collective