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A Girl I Know is an on the rise band with a distinctly bright sound. The band came together in 2012 and is fronted by the multi-instrumental Carolina Hoyos, a young musician, actress, and songwriter. The group released their first track, the jive friendly “Bang Bang Bang” in 2012, and they’ve been hard at work since then.

In December of 2014, A Girl I Know successfully funded their debut album through a successful campaign on Kickstarter, and Carolina Hoyos has dedicated the album to her father, a cancer survivor. As the band puts the final touches on their release, they are also gearing up to release a new single in support of the effort, the eternally bright and innovative “The Sun.”

With their new music, A Girl I Know is showing a great deal of growth since the release of “Bang Bang Bang.” “The Sun” feels like a more mellow and organic release as opposed to the more urban inspired earlier track. This time around Carolina Hoyos is singing to a confused lover who needs a little space. Although such a confusing lover would upset some people, Hoyos remains surprisingly positive and upbeat.

The musician agrees to move on and continue living her life, but she retains the hope that things will work out in the future. She is determined to write her own happy ending, signing “in your arms/ again I’ll be someday / until then / I’ll just be on my way.” Carolina’s voice resonates with warmth and hope for a better tomorrow. You can feel her security in the relationship

Carolina Hoyos’s musings are supported by the live instrumentation of her band. The production updates the acoustic stylings of artists such as Norah Jones, bringing a fresh layer of funk and liveliness to the sound. “The Sun” effortlessly blends a variety of different genres together to create a holistic and unique sound.

“The Sun” is a bright and promising offering from A Girl I Know. Lush with its hugely imaginative instrumental production and Carolina Hoyos’s warm vocal track, the song shows a lot of promise and brings a unique style to music. “The Sun” is set for release in early June. Until then take some time to familiarize yourself with the musical stylings of A Girl I Know by watching a few videos on YouTube and following her on Facebook, Twitter, and her official website.

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