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Keith Buckley, frontman for the storied Buffalo, New York metalcore group Every Time I Die (ETID), has announced he’ll be writing for Comedy Central in partnership with comedian Rob Fee, who has written for the Ellen Degeneres Show. Also on board is writer/director Brandon Dermer, who has made music videos for the likes of Major Lazer, Wavves, and the comedy site Funny or Die; in addition, Dermer has worked extensively for VICE as co-creator and producer of the media company’s popular online culinary series, Munchies. The trio will presumably be working on one-off sketches destined for Comedy Central’s website and various online social media platforms.

Lambgoat, a metal- and hardcore-oriented blog, offered up statements from both writers. Per Fee: “A bit of exciting news: Comedy Central brought me on to start writing sketches for them, along with my lovely pal Keith Buckley. I can’t wait for you guys to see them, which will be difficult not to because I am personally going to write the urls on pieces of construction paper and mail them to each of your respected [sic] homes.”

Buckley later released a statement of his own, saying: “I will be writing a Comedy Central digital sketch with Rob Fee and writer/director Brandon Dermer. Brandon is currently fulfilling a residency at Comedy Central as their head writer/director for digital one offs. me [sic] and Brandon are also working on several other projects together. this [sic] is my official statement. I f—ing hate talking about myself.”

While Buckley is well known around the music industry—contributing guest vocals to albums far outside his normal wheelhouse and forming the Damned Things, a supergroup featuring Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman, and Anthrax’s Ian Scott—this is presumably his first foray into the world of writing for a major media company. The ETID vocalist has long been acclaimed for his biting wit and literary sensibility, as evinced by his band’s lyrical canon. Buckley, who taught English at one point, also announced his debut novel, Scale, late last year; the novel is set for release in late 2015 or early 2016. The semi-autobiographical tome will be published by Rare Bird Books

Considering these announcements in confluence with the release of his band’s seventh studio album, From Parts Unknown, last July, it seems Keith Buckley is having a markedly prolific year. Every Time I Die will be touring Europe throughout the summer but will be stateside in August, co-headlining Today’s Mixtape Festival on Long Island alongside emo legends, The Movielife.

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