Jay Z Reunites With Beanie Sigel at B-Sides Show



Jay Z promised Tidal wasn’t just a music and video streaming service. On Saturday night, the hip hop mogul “made good on his promise” by performing a 2-hour show named B-Sides. Tidal users were able to stream the concert for free, and those users who created the best b-side themed playlists were given free tickets to the show. Jay Z performed some of his classic songs from the Roc-A-Fella Records catalogue including “Young, Gifted and Black,” “Dead Presidents Pt. 1,” and “A Million & One Questions.”

The rapper was joined by some of the Roc’s most memorable artists including Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Young Gunz. Perhaps the highlight of the night was when Jay Z reunited with former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel onstage. Jay Z, Sigel, Bleek, Freeway, and the Young Gunz performed “What We Do,” “You, Me, Him, and Her,” and the Roc legends also performed a rendition of Kanye West’s “Clique.” As if witnessing the reunion of Jay Z and Sigel wasn’t epic enough, Jeezy and Jay Electronica also joined the legend onstage. Jeezy performed his street classics “Who Dat” and “Go Crazy,” while Jay Electronica wowed the audience with a performance of “We Made It Freestyle” and “Who Dat.”

In true Jay Z fashion, the mogul premiered a new “diss” record, which took aim at YouTube and his Tidal adversary, Spotify. The legend also addressed the unjust killings of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin. “You know what I’m worth? I ain’t ya slave right?/ You know I ain’t shuckin’ and jivin’ and hi-fivin’/ You know this ain’t back in the days, right?/ Well I can’t tell the way they killed Freddie Gray, right?/ Shot down Mike Brown, how they did Tray, right,” Jay Z rapped. Tonight, Jay Z will return to the stage for the second installment of B-Sides. Just like last night’s concert, this show will also feature songs that have never been performed together, hence the name “b-sides.”

Tidal is offered in 35 countries, and it has a catalogue of more than 25 million songs. Unlike most streaming services, Tidal not only offers its consumers music, it also offers high quality videos, live shows, meet-and-greets, and several other premium services.

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