Tove Lo Bares All At Hangout Music Fest

The Hangout Music Festival taking place in Gulf Shores, Alabama has proven to be one of the biggest parties of the year. With a slew of some of the biggest names in popular music performing, such as the Foo Fighters, Beck, Paramore and Skrillex just to name a few, this year’s fest is sure to be full of surprises, but probably no one expected to get flashed by Swedish indie pop newcomer Tove Lo.

Lo hit the stage on Sunday to a raging crowd, performing hits from her first solo record Queen of the Clouds which she dropped on September 24th of last year to almost instant success debuting at number 14 on the Billboard 200. According to MTV News, she flashed the crowd and “encouraged her audience to follow suit.” Men and women alike joined in the topless frenzy.

Although at the moment it’s unclear if Lo’s motive was the action of a rebel with a cause or just in the name of having fun, many news outlets are citing the “Free The Nipple” movement as a possible source of inspiration. The movement began when various social media sites, most notably Facebook, carried out their policy to ban images of exposed female breasts. While policies like these are nothing new in American media, feminists became angry at the fact that many of these images that were being banned were taken in a non-sexual nature such as a mother breastfeeding her child.

Having been around for some time now, the movement recently got attention again when a 17 year old college student in Iceland posted topless pictures of herself to social media in an effort to start up a “Free The Nipple” day at her school. The internet erupted in chaos and eventually led to many females around the world tweeting photos of their own breasts in support of a #FreeTheNipple campaign.

The movement claims that there is an over-sexualization of the female body in American culture. The fact that men have breasts and nipples and can be shown in all facets of media without being censored is seen as an unfair standard.

Lo has yet to give an interview on the incident, but it’s safe to say that the media, her fans, and the feminists behind the campaign are probably burning with curiosity. Lo is known for constructing her public image in a way that she claims is synonymous with who she really is. So either her flashing is bold her statement to the world about femininity or simply a tie in with her party girl image portrayed in such singles as “Habits (Stay High)”. It seems only time will tell.

FDRMX Eyes: Cheek Mountain Thief is an indie rock band from Iceland. Their music video “Cheek Mountain” uses a combination of live shots and animation to create a surreal visual experience. Check the video out here:

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