Top Looks from the Billboard Awards

The music industry is still reeling from last week’s Billboard Awards. There were so many beautiful people, so much good music, fashion, lights, showiness, and applause. Kanye West complained about being censored, Taylor Swift was looking good. Britney Spears was wearing latex. This year’s Billboard Music Awards were definitely a really good party. Let’s look at some of the most outrageous fashion looks from this year’s event. Highlights included jumpsuits and belly buttons, and if these celebrity icons are any indicator of general fashion trends, I think that means that we will be seeing a lot of these looks in stores and on the street this summer. The only look I hope doesn’t get repeated too much in real life is Jennifer Lopez’s naked dress. That thing was just a little too sheer for my personal taste. Although if anyone can rock a look like that, it is, of course, Jennifer Lopez. Let’s take a look at what everyone was wearing:


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One Direction


Kendall Jenner

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More One Direction

Jennifer Lopez

Kylie Jenner

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Taylor Swift