50 Cent Goes After Rick Ross in Sex Tape Lawsuit


Five years ago, Rick Ross‘ ex-girlfriend Lastonia Leviston filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent, which alleged the New York rapper distributed a sex tape that featured her and another man. According to the lawsuit, 50 Cent edited out the man who was originally on the tape, and the video that was leaked online comically features a wig-wearing 50 Cent portraying a pimp. The updated sex tape with 50 Cent received over three million views online, and Leviston is suing the rapper for emotional distress. Due to the lawsuit, 50 Cent must stand trial for allegedly leaking the sex tape.

In an odd turn of events, 50 Cent has just filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross, claiming he was the one who initially leaked the sex tape. 50 Cent does acknowledge that he did provide the embedded link for the sex tape, but the person to blame for the video leakage was Leviston’s ex, Rick Ross. The New York rapper also provided a radio interview with Rick Ross stating that he was going to leak the sex tape, according to court documents. “If Leviston should recover against Jackson [50 Cent] for the allegations stated in her complaint, said damages will have been caused and brought about by reason of the wrongful actions of Ross,” the document reads.

The feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross began in 2009. The beef between the two rappers allegedly started at the BET Awards, after Ross said that 50 Cent looked at him the “wrong way.” Soon after the awards show, Ross dropped a diss song entitled “Mafia Music,” which further ignited the feud. 50 Cent responded to Ross’ track with his own song called “Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me).” The New York rapper’s decision to call out Ross for being an “officer,” stems from the fact that the Miami rapper used to be a correctional officer. Several diss songs were released from both 50 Cent and Rick Ross, but the most personal attack was orchestrated by 50 Cent. 50 Cent took his beef with Ross to another level when he took one of Ross’ ex-girlfriends on a shopping spree. Ross’ ex, whose name is Tia Kemp, is also the mother of one of Ross’ children.

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