Katharine McPhee To Drop New Album This Summer


Katharine McPhee will release her new project entitled Hysteria this summer. McPhee, who gained notoriety as the runner-up on American Idol in 2006, hasn’t released a studio album in five years. “There are so many things and events that have happened in my life in the last three or four years. I found it difficult to find inspiration of things I wanted to sing about. I think I was also shy, I wasn’t sure of myself as a writer,” McPhee told Billboard magazine. She added,”I really didn’t feel like I had that much to say, had that much to write about. So, I think the overall theme [of Hysteria] is that, there’s been searching, there’s been heartbreak, there’s been longing. For the first time, I felt motivated to find stories within my own life to write about.”

The singer said that she finally feels like a “real” artist who gets the full experience of life in the recording studio, which is something she didn’t get to experience as a former American Idol contestant. “When you come out of the crazy American Idol cycle, you don’t really get [the real studio life]. So, I really didn’t really get the full experience of what it’s like to be an artist in the studio,” she told the magazine.

McPhee’s new single “Lick My Lips” has been described as a carefree dance song, and the singer says the single is a great representation of her. “It’s a fun thing for me to come out with because it’s really a representation of me. We did the video a couple weeks ago, and there’s so many sexual innuendos, but the fun thing about the video that goes with it is I’m not playing into it at all,” McPhee stated. She added,”It still kind of keeps its classiness to it but it’s definitely got this really sexy deal, and I think it all goes hand-in-hand with me coming into my own. I feel really comfortable with who I am and embracing all the different sides of me.” McPhee’s fourth studio album, Hysteria, will drop on July 21st. Her other projects include her self-titled debut in 2007, Unbroken (2010), and Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You (2010).

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