Top Ten Reasons Vice Media is Successful

Vice Media is that media organization that everybody in Brooklyn loves to hate. They have been massively successful publishing often-shoddy but always-sensational pseudo-journalism in a variety of digital formats. They have broken almost every single rule in the book, invited themselves into all sorts of places they didn’t belong, offended powerful people, kicked Brooklyn-based art collectives out of their offices in order to build one brand new enormous Vice Media office in the heart of hipster-ville, Williamsburg. The irony of this maneuver was not lost on anyone, by the way. What is the purpose of a young and tech-savvy, forward-thinking news publication if it is so willing to slit the throats of other young and tech-savvy, forward-thinking projects in Brooklyn? Or is this kind of over-stimulated capitalism combined with frantic real-estate speculation what Brooklyn is all about these days? In any case, we would like to take a retrospective look at everything that Vice New York has done in the past year that has enabled them to be as successful as they are, in a highly competitive industry in a highly competitive city.



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It isn’t always bad to be blue.

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