Justin Bieber Asks Selena Gomez to Collaborate



Could Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez be recording a hit song in the studio this summer? We heard a rumor that Justin has been reaching out to Selena to work with him on a secret project!

Justin Bieber, 21, and Selena Gomez, 22, might possibly go all out and try to top the charts this summer with a duet that will surely wow listeners with all the deep romantic chemistry that has been developing between the two. Our sources confirm that Justin really, desperately wants Selena’s gorgeous voice to make at least a cameo on his upcoming album, but the question remains: Will she do it?

According to an inside source, Justin recently called Selena with something that was secret and “important”.

“Justin said that he was in the studio 24/7 and wanted her to join him,” the insider, who has risked life and limb to get this earth-shattering scoop out to the press. Justin is also reported to have said that “he had something up his sleeve, a song he was working on that he wanted her to be part of. Selena said he was very charming and sweet and made it seem like he really needed to meet up with her.”

Eureka! Could this be the rekindling of a new musical and/or romantic relationship for these two exes? The two were spotted at Hillsong together in a Snapchat video and they looked really happy together. Some fans have speculated that they were discussing plans for their potential duet.

In September of 2014, the Belieber teased his fans with this cryptic tweet: “Starting rehearsal for something big ;)”. Many teenage girls were especially pinned by the winky face.

A lot of his fans reported on Twitter that they hoped to see him get back into the studio with Selena, but it never happened. At the time Justin Bieber’s parents leaked the following statement to the paparazzi: “the chemistry they have when they sing and make music together is through the roof. They both love music so much, it’s in their blood.”


Were you familiar that the young lovers are occasionally referred to as “Jelena”? Swoon!

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