Free Music Downloads: Firefly Music Festival Mixtape

Firefly Music Festival has released an exciting preview of this year’s lineup. Download this Free Music Playlist in order to hear some of the Firefly acts we’re most interested to see.

OdeszaSay My Namedownload – In 2012, a striking new voice emerged from the wide sea of electronica in the United States. The album Summer’s Gone stood out from the white noise. It was a collection of songs, not just beats. Critics applauded its irresistible, startling dreaminess, addictive drums and fathoms-deep bass. This group has something that sets it apart from the by-the-numbers brutality of EDM culture at large.

Sylvan – This is an American indie pop duo based in Durham, North Carolina. They got their start in 2013. Singer Amelia Meath (of Mountain Man) and producer Nick Sanborn (of Megafaun) joined forces and released their first album about a year ago. They made their network television debut with their popular single anthem “Coffee”.

The White PandaShut Up and Dance with Medownload – The White Panda formed when two childhood friends reunited after having separately wound their ways through their early-20’s musical careers. Chicago-based Procrast first blended Rick Astley snippets with 2 Live Crew grooves as a way to avoid productive activity in 2008, while DJ Griffi (Dan Griffith) embarked on the same mission. They currently reside in L.A..

BahamasWavesdownload – Afie Jurvanen (born 1981), known by his stage name Bahamas, is originally not from the Caribbean at all, but from Canada. He has come a long way since his humble beginnings, though. Jurvanen is self-taught on guitar and has risen to notoriety in musical circles thanks to his smooth stylings and excellent stage presence.

Vacationer Paradise Waitingdownload – Vacationer is an American Nu-Hula band based simultaneously out of Philadelphia and Brooklyn. It is composed of Kenny Vasoli (lead singer/bass), Matthew Young (vibraphone/backing vocals), Ryan Zimmaro (drums), Michael Mullin (keyboards/backing vocals) and Greg Altman (guitar/backing vocals). Song writing is done primarily by Kenny Vasoli and Matthew Young.

CathedralsHarlemdownload – We love this band! This stuff is wild and it’s not just music as art. This is art is at the center of every step of the musical process, to the point where sonic elements ooze with a visual journey of the mind. This band provides a multi-sensory experience. They are a San Francisco electro dream-pop duo whose debut album is an embodiment of this very concept.

VeriteColorsdownload – Judging from her near-instant jump to the tops of the charts, it’s temping to label VÉRITÉ as an overnight sensation. But everyone who’s actually heard her music knows she’s the real deal. Nobody believes in instant fame less than this rising New York musician herself.

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