Justin Bieber Allegedly Found Guilty of Assault



According to The National Post, Justin Bieber has been found guilty of assault and careless driving. Last summer, the pop singer was involved in a collision between a minivan and an ATV, and the incident led to a physical altercation with the paparazzi. The accident happened in Stratford, Ontario and Bieber immediately went on social media to express his frustrations following the altercation last year. “There should be laws against what I just experienced. We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana. I don’t have a problem with Paparazzi but when they act recklessly they put us all in danger,” the singer tweeted. After the incident, Bieber’s attorney stated that the singer and his then girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were harassed by paparazzi while they were trying to enjoy their peaceful vacation. Today, The National Post sent out live tweets during Bieber’s (video appearance through Skype) appearance in court. The singer reportedly accepted a plea deal, and he received an “absolute discharge on assault and a $750 fine for careless driving,” Joseph Brean of The National Post tweeted.

Back in April, Bieber reached a settlement with photographer Jeffrey Binion, who claimed he was assaulted by the pop singer’s bodyguard. The details regarding the settlement were not made public, but Binion’s attorney confirmed a settlement had been reached. The lawsuit against Bieber was filed in 2013, and Binion claimed he was assaulted by Bieber’s bodyguard while he taking photos of the singer outside of a recording studio in South Florida. The photographer stated that Bieber instructed his bodyguard to attack him.

Bieber has another case pending against him, which also involves a photographer. A judge in Argentina issued an arrest warrant for Bieber, after the singer was accused of ordering his bodyguards to assault a photographer in a nightclub in Buenos Aires two years ago. The authorities in Argentina have been instructed to arrest Bieber and his bodyguards immediately, if they travel to Argentina. The attorney involved in the assault case stated that they have no choice but to wait until the pop singer returns to Argentina, for which he will be arrested and taken into custody. If he is convicted of assault, Bieber faces thirty days to six years in prison.

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