Injury Forces Foo Fighters to Cancel Gigs

After breaking his leg in Sweden on June 12, the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl made the decision to get back on stage and finish playing the show.  Unfortunately the Foo Fighters have been yet again faced with another tough decision, and this one doesn’t have as nearly as good of an ending for fans.  While paramedics originally thought Grohl’s broken leg, and dislocated ankle, could be taken care of with a cast, after getting x-rays, it was revealed that Grohl would need surgery to repair the leg.  The surgery, which included having six metal screws put in to help set the bone, was done in London where doctors advised Grohl to take a break from touring while the leg heals.  The band decided it best to take the doctor’s orders and have canceled the next five dates, including this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Grohl penned an apology to fans, explaining the situation and updating them on his progress, “Operation went well. Had a great team and nice stay in hospital. Good curry, too!”  Grohl also described that he was playing his dream gig at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg in front of over fifty thousand people when only two songs into the set, he fell off the stage, dislocating his ankle and snapping his fibula, “Without realizing the extent of my injuries, I stood up to get back onstage and crumbled like a sack of Joe Theismanns (look it up, kiddies). That shit was B-R-O-K-E.”  Not one to waste a perfectly good night, Grohl had the band play some covers while he went backstage to get fixed up.  There the paramedics “cut my favorite pants off (so bummed) and popped my ankle back into place,” and informed him that he would not be able to get back on stage until his ankle was cast.  With the cast twenty minutes away, Grohl told Johan, his EMT, “Well, then you’re coming up there with me right now and holding it in place until they can bring the cast here. Ready?”  Johan got on stage with Grohl and held his leg in place and even seemed to enjoy himself “I actually looked at him in between songs and said ‘This is pretty fun, isn’t it?’ He smiled and nodded yes,” until the cast arrived.  Grohl closed the letter by promising to make it up to fans, and expressing his gratitude towards them. “You have always stood by our band, and we will always stand by you. Like I say at every show, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys. And I mean that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I will do everything I can to come back and give you a night to remember for the rest of your lives AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

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